Collaboration with professionals, coming from different experiences, will allow us to offer multisectorial consulting. Our competences go from Technology to ITC and Marketing suitable for small and medium companies.

Information Technologies

First step is to listen to customer needs and understand company reality.
Second step is proposal of solutions to improve entire company ecosystem and connect it with the outside.
Our costumers are small and medium companies, commercial activities that we drive through the digital transformation age.
By new methodologies, canvas and management systems, we simplify the analysis and understanding of the productive processes.
We improve company performances in terms of efficiency and, therefore, profits.

Industrial Engineering

After more than thirty years of experence in rubber/plastics industry where he covered important management positions in International Companies, dr. Angelo Priori decided to use his professionality and competence in Industrial Consulting. He is worldwide recognized expert in:
– Rubber Compound Development
– Product Design
– Production Facilities Efficiency Improvement (existing and greenfield)

«There are three types of peolpe: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder of things that happen» ( John M. Capozzi)

We make things happen.

Our final target is the achievement of result.
Our mission is not simply customers satisfation in terms of performance. By deeply process dynamics study, we want to solve at source problems originally unpredictable. Only after this mechanism has been demostrated and tested, we can declare to have achieved the goal.